Le Signature.

60mn £200 / €200


Sophie's signature is dedicated to your skin, customized whit a real consideration of your skin condition that treatment includes Sophie's method massage combined Japanese face massage techniques and lymphatic drainage, mask.


Le Sur Mesure 

90 mn £250 / € 250


This facial is the parenthèse that you will need once a month, 90mn bespoke dedicated for your skin, from the cleansing to soothing there is no frame, no rules of this facial. Except for the needs of your skin. 

Le Go&Glow.​

30mn £110 / € 110


This treatment is made to make your skin feel radiant and glowing. It was designed to respond to a customer's request for fixed-term and postage events and jet lag.

Sophie’s Methode.

30mn £130 / € 130


This method customized by Sophie bringing two different influences together, Japanese Kobido and Cosmo face massage. The lymphatic drainage works in a way whereby it detoxifies the metabolism by draining the skin and muscles, regenerating and revitalizing the meridian and acupressure points. This is assured to improve the overall quality of your skin “Elasticity, fine line, dark cycles…” without the use of needles.


Paris Grand Power Hotel 

52 rue François 1er 

75008 Paris 

The Mandrake



Home visit 

Extra charge. 


London zone 1            £100

London zone 2            £150



Cancellation policy.

Please not that any cancelation will be charge 30% as cancelation fee.  

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